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PC World, December - "Xi seems to have found just the right hardware recipe to create a screaming-fast PC. "

CADALYST Magazine, November - "With its zippy performance, extensive expandability options, high-quality components and good warranty coverage, the Xi MTower 2P64 workstation is a real workhorse that earned the Cadalyst Labs Highly Recommended "

PC World, October - "If the designers of this powerful gaming and graphics-oriented PC were looking for speed, they made all the right decisions. "

CADALYST Magazine, June - "@Xi Computer is noted for its fast CAD workstations, and this system is no exception... the fastest score we've ever seen"

PC World Top 15 Desktops, June - "...125 in our WorldBench 5 tests, the highest mark recorded so far."

CADALYST Magazine, March - "The @Xi MTower 64SLI system led the pack with top scores on all three benchmark tests... "


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