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Xi MTower 64SLI
@Xi Computer
Cadalyst Labs Grade: A
Price: $4,399

Original URL: http://www.cadalyst.com/hardware/punch-up-your-cad-power-new-athlon-pentium-systems-pay-off-with-performance-2951?page_id=3

The @Xi MTower 64SLI system led the pack with top scores on all three benchmark tests.
The Xi MTower 64SLI system from @Xi Computer posted the fastest scores ever on the Cadalyst C2001 Benchmark test, breaking the record that @Xi previously set in November.  

Housed in the standard @Xi Computer case—a midtower design with a swing-away drive bay door and a panel on the front with USB and FireWire connections—the MTower 64SLI offers additional USB connectors and a FireWire connector on the back, for a total of 10 USB 2.x connections and two FireWire connections. The case design features ten drive bays—four 5.25" and two 3.5" external, and another five internal 3.5" bays. Combined with the 460W Enermax power supply, this system offers tremendous opportunities for expansion and earned an A+ in this category.

The MTower 64SLI is one of three systems in this roundup that are SLI-capable, providing two PCI Express 16x slots. The system also has two onboard 10/100/1000 network circuits, adding further to expandability options. We tested the system with 2GB of DDR 400/533 memory, although fully populated the MTower 64SLI holds 4GB of RAM.

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