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Xi MTower (AMD Athlon 800 MHz

If you're going for the top of the current home-PC line, check out Xi Computer's MTower. This 800-MHz, Athlon-based system provides absolutely incredible performance--you'll barely be able to pull your kids away from their favorite games and DVD movies. The Xi's biggest drawback lies in its lack of software, but with the money you'll save from its low price, you can buy your own.

  1. Xi MTower (AMD Athlon 800 MHz) 
The good: Extremely fast gaming performance; all-around great components.
The bad: Limited software bundle.
The bottom line: With a collection of the highest-end components, this is one superfast games machine.
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Editors' Choice - Xi MTower (AMD Athlon 800 MHz)   

Xi Computer MTower AMD Athlon 800 MHz Workstation

If you want the best-performing home PC you can get, this is it. Its high-quality, name-brand internals make it a gamer's dream machine. Beyond the fast CPU clock speed, this PC separates itself from the pack of high-end systems with 32MB of DDR RAM on its Nvidia GeForce-based graphics card, giving it the fastest benchmark scores we've seen. 

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For A In-Depth And Full Review - http://computers.cnet.com/hardware/0-1018-404-1542913.html?st.co.1018-7-1543781.txt.1018-404-1542913, No Speed Limit
AMD Continues to Push Athlon Clock Speeds With These 800-MHz Dream Machines

By Ken Feinstein

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