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"The Xi NetRAIDer was the hands-down winner, because of its superior performance, service options, and value."

Earlier this year, Intel Corp. unveiled the latest addition to its line of x86 microprocessors, the Pentium II. Servers featuring this advanced design are available from a variety of vendors. Pentium II server configurations are currently limited to a two-way setup, and will remain so until the Descutes CPUs roll off the line next year. Nevertheless, the two way configuration is a viable design for applications and database servers, as well as for devices providing traditional file and print services. We wanted to put the current crop of Pentium II multiprocessing servers through a suite of file operation and Microsoft SQL Server transaction tests using Bluecurve Inc.'s Dynameasure Enterprise software as our performance test and measurement tool.

What we received was a mixed bag of machines; AST Research Inc.'s Premium HS, Micron Electronics Inc. NetFrame MV5000, Polywell Computers Inc.'s Poly 7300LS2 and Xi Computer Corp.'s Xi 600 NetRAIDer.

The Xi 600 NetRAIDer was the hands down winner, because of its superior performance, service options, and value
The NetRAIDer handled all the work we through at it, recording consistently superior scores in all phases of our testing. 
The machine is physically well-designed, easy to service, and with unlimited lifetime technical support, an excellent 
purchase decision.

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