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@Xi Computer builds high-end best performance CAD/CAM/CAE Workstations, CAD/CAM/CAE Laptops, HPC Servers, AI Clusters, Supercomputers and Datacenters based on Intel® & AMD® CPU and NVIDIA® RTX Ada™ GPU. Capitalizing on thirty five year experience, @Xi provides a professional superior selection, optimization and customization of powerful High Performance Computing solutions for both Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® platforms.


Single CPU Workstations Dual+ CPU Workstation CAD Notebooks Servers & HPC
bullet Xi® MTower™ PCIe Workstation
bullet Xi® MTower™ 64 Workstation
bullet Xi® PowerGo™ XT Laptop
bullet Xi® MTower™ 64TR Workstation
bullet Xi® MTower™ 2P64 Workstation
bullet Xi® MTower™ 2P64X Workstation
Xi® PowerGo™ XL, Stylish Ultra-Slim Design, powered by NVIDIA RTX™ Professional level GPUs



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● @Xi PowerGo Laptops with 14th Gen Processor & NVIDIA RTX 40-Series GPUs
● The AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000WX-Series & DDR5 RDIMM Memory
● The latest 14th Generation Intel Core Desktop Processors paired with DDR5
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● The 5th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors
● The NVIDIA L40S GPU & NVIDIA RTX Ada Gen Professional Graphics
● The AMD EPYC 9004 Series Server Processors and DDR5 RDIMM Memory
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DE Logo"@Xi MTower PCIe Built for Speed... Groundbreaking Performance"
"The latest edition of the MTower PCIe from @Xi is the fastest single-CPU workstation we have tested so far... With its over-clocked 12-core CPU and high-end NVIDIA graphics board, we expected the new @Xi MTower PCIe workstation to perform very well, but its performance simply blew us away. On the SPECviewperf benchmark, the MTower PCIe turned in the best results we have ever recorded on many datasets." Full article »
By David Cohn | Digital Engineering - DE
DE Logo"Testing results comparison of our @Xi MTower PCIe with Quadro RTX 6000/5000/4000"
"Three of these new NVIDIA GPUs—the Quadro RTX 6000, RTX 5000 and RTX 4000—recently arrived in our office. We quickly set about the task of testing these new boards, using SPECviewperf version 13 (spec.org) in an @Xi workstation (xicomputer.com) equipped with an Intel Core i9-9920X 12-core CPU (with all of its cores over-clocked to 4.3GHz) and 32GB of memory, running Windows 10 Pro." Full article »
By David Cohn | Digital Engineering
DE Logo"@Xi PowerGo XT Mobile Workstation: Portable Power Champ"
"The Xi PowerGo XT...powerful mobile workstation equals desktop performance. With its fast CPU and high-end NVIDIA graphics, we expected the Xi PowerGo XT to deliver great performance, but the results still surprised us. On the SPECviewperf test, which looks exclusively at graphic performance, the Xi PowerGo XT delivered the best results we have ever recorded for a mobile workstation on almost every dataset, approaching and sometimes even beating the performance of many desktop systems." Full article »
By David Cohn | Digital Engineering - DE
DE Logo"Xi MTower PCIe Workstation: An Overclocked Performance Champ"
"DE takes a look at the latest version of the @Xi Computer Xi MTower PCIe, their top-of-the-line workstation. With its over-clocked six-core CPU and high-end NVIDIA graphics board, we expected the new Xi MTower PCIe workstation to perform very well, and it definitely lived up to those expectations." Full article »
By David Cohn | Digital Engineering
"Xi PowerGo 15/7 vs. Dell Precision 5510"
"The Xi PowerGo... can deliver almost 300% the performance and 32% better Pmark..." Full article »
By Robert Dow | Jon Peddie Research
 JPR Logo "Threadripper vs. i9 7900x"
"...the overall score for the TR vs. the i9 with a Vega favored the i9 by 31%, and with a GTX, it was 47%...similar results on the CPU tests of Ashes of the Singularity CPU scores, averaging negative 57% for Vega, and 54% for GTX suggesting there is some GPU influence in the CPU tests." Full article »
By Jon Peddie | Jon Peddie Research
ENG-COM Logo Review: Xi Sets High Benchmark for Mobile Computing
"...its PowerGo XT notebook, a high-quality mobile workstation built for performance, but at an affordable cost. creating 3D part models in SOLIDWORKS and the processing capacity provided a great user experience when toggling back and forth between design part modeling and assembly windows." Full article »
By Alexander Murray | ENGINEERING.com
 JPR Logo"Mobile workstation comparison"
"...once again the @Xi PowerGo 15/7 took the prize in specifications....@Xi is the coolest looking, well performing machine." Full article »
By Jon Peddie Research
DE Logo Review: Desktop-Worthy: Xi PowerGo XT Workstation
"The powerful Xi PoweGo XT mobile workstation delivers desktop performance"
"With its speedy CPU and high-end NVIDIA graphics, the Xi PowerGo XT turned in some of the best performance we have recorded to date for a mobile workstation,...On the SOLIDWORKS test, the Xi PowerGo XT was the clear winner, surpassing every other mobile workstation we have ever tested." Full article »
By David Cohn | in Engineering Computing
DE Logo"PowerGo 15/7 is DE Editor’s Pick of the Week"
"Now, the Xi PowerGo 15/7 was already engineered as a scalable notebook workstation for 3D CAD modeling and graphics work. But this new version brings a lot more spunk that should keep you ahead of whatever advancements that, say, PTC Creo or SOLIDWORKS have up their sleeve for quite some time." Full article »
By Anthony J. Lockwood | Digital Engineering
DE Logo Workstation Review: @Xi MTower CX
"And now for something completely different"
"On the AutoCAD rendering test, which clearly shows the benefit of multiple fast CPU cores,...the Xi MTower CX blew us away, completing the test in 25.3 seconds---faster than any single socket workstation we have ever tested... once again...@Xi delivers plenty of bang for your buck." Full article »
By David Cohn | Desktop Engineering
DE Logo Xi® MTower™ PCIe Workstation
"...performed great on the SPECviewperf benchmark, turning in the best results we’ve recorded to date for a single-socket workstation...delivered the best results thus far on nearly every one of the individual tests in this extensive benchmark..." Full article »

By David Cohn | Desktop Engineering
SolidWorks_Logo Benchmarking the @Xi MTower PCIe Workstation
"We benchmarked @Xi's Mtower PCIe and tested out the differences between 3 NVIDIA graphics cards, including the M2000, M4000 and M5000...highly functional workstation capable of handling powerful computing tasks with ease."  Full article »
By John Myers | ConnectPress Editor
Cadalyst Logo Mobile CAD Workstation Priced Under $2,500
"Although we have reviewed countless desktop workstations from @Xi computer over the years, the Xi Power XT mobile workstation offers...a fantastic computing performance for serious CAD work - all for less than $2.500.00..." Full article »

By Art Liddle | Cadalyst Magazine
ENG-COM Logo Xi MTower CX Review
"Overall, Xi’s MTower CX provides an impressive, top-notch computing experience that would be more than fitting for any designer, engineer, 3D animator or robust data analyst...packed with an abundance of power and is built for high productivity and design efficiency.." Full article »
By Alexander Murray | ENGINEERING.com
AUGIWorld Logo Xi® MTower™ PCIe Workstation
"During my 15 years involvement with engineering and CAD, I've built my own CAD workstations...For me, the problem has been that I always want something more than a preconfigured, off-the-shelf system that was developed for the masses. I want something tuned to its maximum by the hardware manufacturer, a machine whose tuning is supported by the manufacturer..." Full article »

By Ryan Reid | CADdigest
ENG-COM Logo Xi PowerGo XT Notebook Review
"The Xi PowerGo XT Notebook is more than capable of delivering high-quality performance, while engaging users with premium workstation features to drive productivity...Nonetheless, the PowerGo XT also has a wider, yet stylish, body that is heavier than an average notebook, but with the amount of power, performance and stability packed into this device, I am surprised that it doesn’t weigh more." Full article »
By Alexander Murray | ENGINEERING.com
AUGIWorld Logo Xi® MTower™ LE Workstation
"I had the opportunity to test their MTower LE workstation. I found a mini tower computer that held its own as one of the fastest within the context of system performance, yet was competitively priced in a market of main contenders..." Full article »

By Alexander Murray | CADdigest
ENG-COM Logo Xi® MTower™ PCIe Workstation
"I recently received for this review was intimidating, but after firing it up, I immediately recognized that it stood out as a quality and powerful workstation...It appeared that Xi had delivered a high-performing, competitively priced workstation with enough power to satisfy anyone craving computational power and reliability without compromise." Full article »
By Alexander Murray | ENGINEERING.com
AUGIWorld Logo Xi® PowerGo™ 15/7 Notebook
"The proven benchmark performance of the Xi PowerGo 15/7 Notebook is remarkable..." Full article »

By Jeffrey Heimgartner | CADdigest
fab logo Don’t forget the CAD guy
"Xi Computers...The company builds custom computers that are made to be workhorses, Creating large assemblies, multitasking, and generating quality renderings...the new machine was really getting the job done." Full article »

By Nick Martin | The FABRICATOR
ConnectPress Xi® MTower™ PCIe Workstation
"For more than 25 years, @Xi Computer has spent countless hours designing, building and redesigning workstations to meet the challenging demands of applications like AutoCAD, Pro/E, SolidWorks, CATIA and...looks at all aspects of the system to optimize the workstation to meet and exceed the demanding needs of their professional users..."  Full article »
ConnectPress | SolidWorks Community
AUGIWorld Logo Xi® MTower™ PCIe Workstation
"This is the fastest system I have ever tested..."
Full article »

By David Harrington | AUGIWorld
AUGIWorld Logo Xi® PowerGo™ XT
"The Xi PowerGo XT is a 17.3” portable workstation that weighs nearly nine pounds. A machine like this is not for everyone; for professionals who need desktop power on the go...There is nothing quite as luxurious as not having to compromise when you need power on the road."  Review CAD digest
By Matt Lombard
AUGIWorld Logo Xi® MTower™ PCIe Workstation
"As one can see the MTower PCIe outshines both of my HPs considerably. The MTower PCIe workstation is three times faster in the drawing tests, 15 times faster in the Shadows Comparison, two times faster in the BufferTest and eight times faster in the Walkthrough Diagnostics. Bottom line here is that the Xi MTower PCIe workstation would make a fantastic MicroStation platform.."  Review CAD digest
By Rande Robinson
 DE Logo Xi® MTower™ PCIe "...we didn’t expect the MTower to set any records. Boy, were we surprised."
"The Xi MTower PCIe delivers more bang for the buck than any other system we’ve tested recently." Review Desktop Engineering - by David Cohn
Cadalyst Xi® MTower™
"It should come as no surprise to our regular readers that @Xi Computer earned top marks — by a large margin — for the performance of its Xi MTower ... 25 years of experience in the CAD market is obvious in the engineering and manufacture of its workstations." Highly Recommended. Review CADALYST
By Art Liddle
Cadalyst Xi® MTower™ PCIe...Xi MTower PCIe "This is no ordinary quad-core workstation; it's the Usain Bolt of desktops. The @Xi Computer powerhouse clocked in with the fastest performance to date at Cadalyst Labs. Higly Recommended." Highly Recommended.  Review CADALYST - by Ron LaFon
  PC World Xi® NetRAIDer™
Up to 6 Terabyte of RAID Data Storage "First place in overall performance...  Plenty of room to upgrade...  Beating  its nearest competitor by more than 20% This server is a hot performer in almost any setting" Review PC World
By PCWorld

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