What are the benefits of a professional multi-GPU system?
NVIDIA Multi-GPU Technology (NVIDIA® Maximus®) leverages multiple professional graphics processing units (GPUs) to intelligently scale the performance of your application and dramatically speed up your workflow. This delivers significant business impact across industries such as Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, and Energy Exploration.

• Substantial time savings—A multi-GPU system helps address the pressures of delivering a high-quality product to market more quickly by providing ultra-fast processing of your computations, renderings, and other computational and visually intensive projects.

• Multiple iterations—The ability to revise your product multiple times in a resource- and time-constrained environment will lead to a better end result. Completing each iteration of your automobile, animated movie, or seismic data processing faster, leads to additional refinements.

A multi-GPU system also offers tremendous flexibility in its implementation, whether you're using a traditional desktop workstation or an NVDIA GRID™-powered virtualized server. Multiple GPUs help optimize your workflow across a range of professional applications with performance increases of up to:

• 21x in Adobe Premiere® Pro CC with Mercury playback engine at 720P**
• 39x in Adobe® After Effects® CC on ray-traced scenes with 3D layers*
• 14x in 3ds Max 2014 with NVIDIA iRay® on iRay-bench 3.1*
• 7x in Ansys 14.5 running Turbine model*

*Relative to CPU
**Relative to NVIDIA Quadro® K600 - Datasheet (PDF - 180 KB)

Based on the NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture, a multi-GPU system provides more than just performance gains. It also gives you the freedom to run your applications with full features and effects enabled. This includes real-time ray tracing and global illumination.


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3D Design - Workstations
3D Design

  • Continue to design while renders run up to 9x faster in the background2
  • Design and render on a single machine without bogging it down.

Engineering Analysis - Workstations
Engineering Analysis

  • Interact with 3D apps while running realistic simulations up to 4x faster at the desktop1
  • Complete a required set of engineering simulations or regulatory tests days earlier
  • Reduce the need for costly prototypes

Media & Entertainment - Workstations
Media & Entertainment

  • Obtain 8x better price/performance³ in Premiere Pro and 33x faster ray tracing In Adobe After Effects.
  • Edit more layers and effects in real-time.

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