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XI 3600E MTOWER @Xi Computer

Star rating: 5 stars out of 5

The Xi 3600E MTower from @Xi Computer offers the fastest performance of any workstation in this review at the lowest price.
The @Xi Computer 3600E MTower delivers a winning combination of the highest performance figures in this roundup and the lowest price—$3,499, some $389 less than its nearest competitor, even equipped with 2GB of DDR2 RAM. This double distinction earned it a Cadalyst Labs 5-star Highly Recommended rating.  

The 3600E MTower system I received used an ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe motherboard with the Intel 925X chipset. This supported a 3.6GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor with 1MB cache. The system features an 800MHz front-side bus and a Maxtor ATA133 160GB (80+80) RAID 0 array of two hard disks. I experienced some problems reading custom-written CD-ROMs using the LiteOn 48X/24X/48X drive. The system includes the speedy NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400 graphics card using NVIDIA's v6.14.10.6177 drivers. I used NVIDIA's MAXtreme v6.00.07 accelerated driver for the 3ds max benchmark series.

The system I tested was housed in a matte black case with a clear Plexiglass side panel that can be removed with no tools. Other case colors and options are available. The 3600E MTower has nine available drive bays that, with the beefy 460W AMS power supply and additional case fans, provide plenty of expandability options.

Other components of the @Xi 3600E included a Logitech Optical mouse and a Logitech Deluxe black Windows keyboard. Among the connectivity options are single parallel and serial ports, a FireWire connector on the front of the system, and six USB 2.0 ports—two on the front of the system and four at the rear.

As with other workstation systems from @Xi, the 3600E MTower is available with a broad range of accessories, peripherals, and system options. You can configure systems online with different options to check the pricing.

The @Xi Computer 3600E MTower turned in a speedy 154.74 on the Cadalyst Labs C2001 Total Index, both the highest score in the roundup and the highest score of any system tested at Cadalyst Labs. On the SPECviewperf 7.1.1 proe-02 viewset, the 3600E MTower produced a score of 49.36. On the MAXBench 4 benchmark, the @Xi 3600E MTower posted an averaged high/low frame rate of 92.98 (70.10 with the default Windows drivers and 115.85 using the NVIDIA MAXtreme v6.00.07 accelerated driver for 3ds max).

@Xi has done it once again—great numbers and a great price win it yet another 5-star rating from Cadalyst. Highly Recommended.


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