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Xi's Athlon 
PC is DDR-iven
to succeed.

By Ken Feinstein


Xi DDR MTowerSP Athlon Workstation
CNET Review

In search for the fastest PC!

Things change and things remain the same. Recently C-NET addressed the issue of the "Fastest PC". Who has the fastest PC? Well Xi Computer of course, beating hands down all the biggest manufacturer in the world. The Xi DDR MTower SP based on the newest AMD Athlon 1.2GHz with 266FSB (Front Side Bus) with 266MHz DDR RAM, beats all the Intel P4 and others a like. See the chart for yourself.

"As desktops move well beyond 1GHz, which systems--those powered by Intel or AMD--really have the most juice? To answer that vexing question, we had two similarly equipped systems--one based on AMD's latest 1.2GHz CPU with DDR SDRAM, the other based on Intel's 1.5GHz Pentium 4 with RDRAM--duke it out mano a mano. The unanimous winner was the 1.2GHz Athlon system with DDR--a bit of an upset. Not only did the Athlon-based Xi DDR MTower SP pound the Pentium 4-based ABS Performance P4 at business tasks, it out-jabbed the ABS in 3D performance, the Pentium 4's raison d'Ítre. You know the results; now check out the gory details."

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