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Xi AMD MP - Powered Workstation
August 2001, p.32, by Ron LaFon and Art Liddle



Xi 2400 MTower MP

Xi MTowerMP 266MHz FBS 768MB DDR RAM(PC2100)

5 stars out of 5

The Xi 2400 MTower MP is housed in an attractive dark gray case with a swing-away door that covers the drive bays and control buttons. This new case from Xi is not only attractive and highly functional, it also reduces noise levels. As a result, this is the quietest Xi unit that I've tested. It's also one of the most rugged.

At the heart of the MTower MP are dual 1.2GHz AMD Athlon MP processors (code-named Palomino) coupled with the AMD 760MP chipset, all housed on a Tyan motherboard. The system was equipped with 768MB of DDR RAM (PC2100), and the front-end bus speed is 266MHz.

With five expansion slots and six drive bays, the Xi 2400 MTower MP is extensively expandable. 

The system included the ELSA GLoria III graphics card equipped with its full complement of 64MB of RAM. Now powered by the nVidia Quadro 2 Pro chipset, the GLoria III is a very fast graphics card with a good selection of drivers available, among them a PowerDraft driver for AutoCAD and the remarkably fast MAXTreme driver for 3D Studio MAX. As with previous ELSA drivers, we had to use the "threading workaround" option on our MAXBench test to complete the test procedure.

Also included with the MTower MP was a Hewlett-Packard model 4500 32X12X8X CD-Rewritable drive, a Microsoft Optical Mouse, and a Logitech Internet keyboard. As an extra, a CD-Label applicator and related software are also included.

The Xi 2400 MTower MP ran smoothly through our bench-mark tests, ultimately sharing top honors for overall performance. Not only is it a fast system, the MTower MP is also the most economical of the systems tested here, selling for an estimated street price of $4,159 when outfitted to our test specifications. Speed, in combination with economy, high-quality parts, a good warranty, and lots of room for expansion, make the Xi 2400 MTower MP an excellent value. Highly Recommended. - R.L.

This review originally appeared in the August 2001 issue of CADALYST Magazine

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