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Xi  AMD-Powered Workstation
Art Liddle




Screaming systems
We’ve rounded up three of the fastest processors out there.
by Art Liddle  

CADALYST Labs recently received three workstations built around the three fastest CPUs on the market today: the 1.1GHz Athlon, 1GHz Athlon, and 933MHz Pentium III. Not surprisingly, the CADALYST benchmark test results for the three were the fastest we’ve ever seen. For the record, Intel has announced 1– and 1.13GHz Pentium IIIs, but they’re harder to find than affordable housing in Silicon Valley.

Xi 1866/1334
MTower DP

Xi's 933MHz Pentium III offers high performance for a price.

The Xi 1866/1334 MTower DP supports dual 933MHz Pentium III processors. For this review, we concentrated on a single processor configuration because AutoCAD 2000 does not recognize multiple CPUs. Stay tuned for an upcoming report on how well the recently released AutoCAD 2000i takes advantage of a second processor.

Xi started with the fastest technology available for the Intel platform—the Intel 840 chipset (code-named Carmel during development) and dual channel 800MHz RAMBUS memory (RDRAM). It then added an Ultra3 SCSI 9.1GB hard drive (10,000rpm) and ELSA’s high-performance Gloria II DDR graphics card (64MB) to wring every bit of performance out of this workstation.

Our CADALYST benchmark results tell the story. Although the Xi 1866/1334 couldn’t keep up with the Athlon-based workstations sporting faster CPUs, its C99 3D Total Index score of 29.93 makes it the fastest Intel-based system tested at CADALYST Labs.

This dual processor-ready, high-performance workstation doesn’t come cheap. The Xi 1866/1334 MTower DP carries a price tag of $3,715. That’s a hefty premium over Xi’s Athlon-based (uni-processor) system. You’ll have to decide how much the Intel Inside logo and the potential for adding a second CPU is really worth.

Screaming Systems
Performance Charts

This review first appeared in the October 2000 CADALYST Magazine

Art Liddle  is CADALYST’s senior technical editor and a registered architect.
He can be reached at Art Liddle@cadonline.com

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