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AMD-Powered Workstation
Art Liddle



Screaming systems
We’ve rounded up three of the fastest processors
out there.
by Art Liddle  

CADALYST Labs recently received three workstations built around the three fastest CPUs on the market today: the 1.1GHz Athlon, 1GHz Athlon, and 933MHz Pentium III. Not surprisingly, the CADALYST benchmark test results for the three were the fastest we’ve ever seen. For the record, Intel has announced 1– and 1.13GHz Pentium IIIs, but they’re harder to find than affordable housing in Silicon Valley.

Xi 1100K
MTower SP

There's no going back—Xi's 1100K MTower SP break the gigahertz barrier.

The Xi 1100K MTower SP is powered by a 1.1GHz Athlon processor, the fastest processor shipping today. Throw in the Athlon’s new on-chip L2 cache (256KB running at full processor speed) and the speedy S3 FireGL 1 graphics card, and you should have one very fast system. Our CADALYST benchmark confirms it. The 1100K’s C99 3D Total Index score of 32.86 is the top mark recorded at CADALYST Labs, 12% faster than the best score from our last workstation roundup.

Xi outfitted the 1100K with an IBM 20.4GB Ultra ATA100 hard drive (7,200rpm), 50X CD-ROM drive, NetGear PCI 10/100 Ethernet card, and Microsoft Intellimouse Pro. Its Giga Byte motherboard provides six expansion slots—one AGP 4X, four PCI, and one shared PCI/ISA. The 1100K arrived with 256MB of system memory (SDRAM, PC100) and supports a maximum of 1.5GB. The tool-free midtower case includes five external and two internal drive bays.

Sound good so far? We’ve saved the best news for last. The Xi 1100K MTower SP is priced at only $2,945. That includes a one-year on-site service and three-year labor and parts warranty. It doesn’t get better than this.

In addition to the Athlon-based system, Xi also submitted an Intel-based workstation. See Xi 1866/1334 DP for details.

This review first appeared in the October 2000 CADALYST Magazine

Art Liddle  is CADALYST’s senior technical editor and a registered architect.
He can be reached at Art Liddle@cadonline.com

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