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Product Information
PRO: Room for an extra processor and two more hard drives; SCSI hard drive.
CON: Expensive (but not necessarily too much for a workstation-class machine).

$3449; 271 PC WorldBench 98 score, Pentium II Xeon-450 CPU, 128MB of SDRAM, 512KB of secondary cache, 14.4GB hard disk, 20X-40X CD-ROM drive, Matrox Millennium G200 graphics card with 8MB of SGRAM, 17-inch monitor; Creative Labs sound card with Ensoniq AudioPCI chip set.

Xi Computer

Take one look at the $3449 price tag of the Xi Mtower 900X DP and you might skip right over it. In fact, if you're looking for a machine for your home office or a clone that just anyone could use, you really would be better off looking elsewhere. But if you're searching for a workstation machine that you could convert into a server, take pause. When it comes to the machines we normally put through their paces in the PC World Test Center, this one is in a class by itself.

Inside the ivory case, you'll find room to add another processor chip. Also, there's space to supplement the 8.6GB SCSI hard drive with two more hard disks. All this combined takes advantage of the included Adaptec RAID card, so you can process and store information at record speeds. The 17-inch Optiquest monitor delivers a very crisp picture with clear, rich colors.

Xi compared to other top systems:

Xi MTower 900X     271
Dell Optiplex GX1p 450     257
Micron Millenia 500 max     237
Gateway E-4200 500     235