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February 1999

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     Xi computer never ceases to amaze us. Its AccelGalaxy graphics card powered the Xi 900 MTower DP to the fastest score of our review, and it includes a whopping 52MB of video memory and supports dual screens from a single slot (AGP). But what really sets the Xi 900 MTower DP apart from the crowd is that it actually uses a   "SuperMicro"  Slot 2 motherboard capable of supporting dual Xeon processors at up to 600MHz. An adapter is installed for the single 450MHz Pentium II CPU tested in this review.
      As you might expect, the power and expandability of the Xi 900 MTower DP isn't cheap. Its estimated street price is $800 above the average. But a system like this should take you well into the next millenium--with power to spare.

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