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An Xi system was our pick for best price/performance value in our last review, so we had high expectations this year. It achieved average scores in our 2D test and was a strong performer in 3D. Because of its low price, it offers a good price/performance combination again this year. However, it doesn't offer the added benefits of the bundled management software and setup routines that are found on the faster performing, albeit much more expensive IBM and Compaq systems. The system does have some nice design points, though. Opening the case to add components only requires the removal of two screws and the left side panel--as opposed to a full three-sided case on most other mid-tower designs. 
It also has a sliding panel that covers the external drive bays, power switch, and reset switch, providing protection from unintended system shutdowns.

The Xi was about average in the 2D and strong in the 3D performance tests. 

Amazing, you can pick one up at about half the cost of a Compaq

Value is the name of game here. More for your money
We figure that anyone can get a hot-rod PC if given a blank check.

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2D Price/Performance
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Overall value for 2D. PCs that end up near the bottom right represent best values. IBM's performance in 2D will justify its cost. Xi and is priced low enough that, even though not the fastest systems, it provides real value.

3D Price/Performance
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Overall value for 3D. Xi  finds itself
in the sweet spot of the value chart
for 3D users.