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Xi 666 MTower DP

The Xi 666 MTower DP is undeniably the price/performance leader. Its estimated street price of $2,149 is more than $1,200 below the average cost of the other 333MHz systems. On the performance side, its Release 14 C96-2D/3D benchmark score of 9.31 is just 1% off the top mark. An awesome combination.

Xi Configured its 333MHz Pentium II workstation from the ground up for speed. It started with the new IBM Ultra ATA 6.4GB IDE drive. This drive nearly matches the performance of the Seagate UltraSCSI drives that spin at 10,000RPM, but costs a lot less. The AccelSTAR II graphics card received a Five Star Highly Recommended rating in our March 3D graphics card review. The TEAC 32X speed CD-ROM drive and US Robotics 56k modem are both top performers as well.

With these outstanding performance, and an unbelievable price of only $2,149, the Xi 666 MTower DP seems like a dream come true for AutoCAD users. Of course, it's more of a nightmare for the competition. Highly Recommended.

Xi 800 MTower DP

The Xi 800 MTower DP arrived with a 400MHz Pentium II processor, 128MB of system memory, an AccelECLIPSE II card with 32MB of memory, and a Seagate 4.5GB UltraSCSI hard drive.

Mitsubishi's new 3DPRO  graphics card is at the heart of the AccelECLIPSE II. Our benchmark testing quickly revealed the strength- 3D - and the weakness-2D- of this chipset. The 800 MTower DP's C96-2D score of 5.29 was nearly 25% slower than the top 333MHz system. Its 2D/3D score totaled 11.38, 21% faster.

The 2D/3D score, which is an average of the 2D and 3D tests, masks the real power of the 3DPRO. The score for the stand-alone 3D test was an incredible 17.68, fully 43% faster than the top 333MHz system reviewed here. If Mitsubishi can optimize the 3DPRO's 2D functions, it could be a top contender in the AutoCAD market.

Thanks in large part to the graphics stuffed with 32MB RAM, this system carries an estimated street price of $5,499. Unless you're heavily into 3D modeling, I'd give Xi Computer a call and ask how much you can save with an AccelSTAR II graphics card. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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