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Xi 600 MTower DP

In the real world, raw performance is weighted against cost. Bang for the buck in a pure graphics environment means systems that can generate graphically rich pictures in a short amount of time for the least amount of money. 
For the performance oriented but budget-conscious, the Xi 600 Mtower DP is the best choice
When you compare its good overall benchmark scores with its low price tag, it shows up as a real bargain. Its Viewperf CDRS-03 score was midrange (20), but still nothing to squawk about. It was a top scorer in Fourier and BYTE mark floating-point tests, and it had the second-highest Microsoft Access - based database score. It got middle-of-the-road results on C++, yet it's certainly still a strong choice for programmers.


"Sporting a fast CPU and a low price, the Xi 600 MTower DP should make a great Windows NT workstation
With solid overall performance scores, better-than-average graphics performance, and a $2,999 price tag, it represents 
the best bang for your buck."

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