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Intel-based Workstation Features Dual CPUs

If you are looking for a hot Intel-based system, you need to take a look at the Xi dual 266MHz Pentium II system. The combination of high clock speeds, dual CPUs, and Intel's MMX technology makes this an incredibly capable graphics workstation.

Virtually any computer company can throw together an Intel-based system with an impressive spec sheet, but it takes a company with graphics experience to bring the performance off the sheet and put it to work for the artist. Fortunately, Xi has been a major player in the competitive CAD marketplace for years and the experience shows in the components chosen.

...At an aggressive list price of $7,199, which includes the 17-inch ViewSonic monitor, the Xi system should be an extremely welcome addition to any arsenal where price, speed, and graphics capabilities are important.

J.V. Bolkan

September 1997