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  Xi Computer -Xi MTower SP

This system was a real surprise to us. The Xi 266 PII Mtower SP came in with one of the highest 3D-benchmark scores and did so at a very reasonable cost. This Xi system has excellent 3D performance, due to the Intergraph Intense 3D 1000 card installed (with no texture memory). With five PCI slots (three of which are filled), and four 5 1/4-inch drive bays (all accessible from the front), this Xi system can easily be expanded without the user experiencing many limitations.

Editors Choice: Xi 266 PII Mtower SP
The system that delivers the most value is the Xi 266 PII Mtower SP. It also delivers high performance. To say that it placed third in out benchmarks is splitting hairs, as the top three performers (IBM, Intergraph and Xi) virtually tied for first place (see tables). Even so, the Xi came in at a lower-price relative cost.

The Xi system includes a three-year warranty (including one year of onsite service), 24-hr tech support, Vibrant Graphics' SoftEngine, and DMI 2.0-compliant management software. In total value Xi is the winner, as determined by combining equal measures of performance and features and plotting them against cost (as shown below). If you're after the most bang-for-the-buck, this is the system for you.

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