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Xi 532P-II MTower DP

I sound like a broken record, but - once again, Xi Computer's workstation is the fastest system in the review. I believe this is the seventh major review in a row in which Xi Computers came out on top. If I was the competition, I'd rush out, buy one of these screamers, and tear it apart to determine what makes it so fast.

For the record, the C96-2D benchmark scores for the Xi 532P-II MTower DP are: 4.07 for Release 13 with WHIP driver; 7.99 for Release 13 with Soft Engine; and 6.26 for Release 14 with standard driver. Those numbers are 11-16% faster than the average scores of the other Pentium IIs. That's impressive, especially considering that the price spread is less than $150.

The Xi 532P-II MTower DP exceeded our minimum review configuration and still stayed below our $3,500 price ceiling. It included a 4.3 GB Quantum Ultra hard drive, 64MB of RAM, and US Robotics 56KB modem.

The facts speak for themselves. The Xi 532P-II MTower DP offers the best performance of the review and still manages to provide more computer for the money than most of the competition. If you're looking for a very fast, very affordable AutoCAD workstation, look no further than the Xi 532P-II MTower DP. 

Highly Recommended.