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Xi MTower DP

Pros: Spectacular performance
Cons: None significant

Xi earned bragging rights to the title of: Fastest AutoCAD system on the planet.

The Xi 532-II Mtower DP arrived with both a standard graphics card (Number Nine Imagine 128) and a high-end 3D graphics card (Intergraph Intense 3D-1000). It also includes dual 266MHz Pentium II processors (with individual cooling fans), 64MB of RAM, two 2.01GB hard drives, a 16X CD-ROM drive, and the latest version of Soft Engine.

The C96-2D benchmark performance of this system was nothing short of spectacular. Its scores of 4.58 (WHIP) and 8.16 (Soft Engine) are 41% and 24% faster, respectively, than the previous top scores of 3.24 and 6.54. Remember the second processor does not improve performance for the C96-2D test during a single session of AutoCAD.

The Xi 532-II Mtower DP's C96-3D Visulation score of 11.93 is 17% faster than the previous top mark of 10.18. (Both were dual processor systems.) For the record, the C96-3D test shows a 20-30% gain with a second processor installed.

The price for the Xi 532-II Mtower DP varies based on configuration: $3,999 for the single processor with standard graphics card; $7,049 for the dual processor with 3D graphics card. If you're looking for the absolute best AutoCAD performance, for 2D or 3D, the Xi 532-II Mtower DP delivers the goods.

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