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December 1993

BYTE/NSTL Lab Report, December 1993

Want a top-performing tower?


This 66MHZ 486DX2-based system tied for the highest Window performance score for this category, Its large tower chassis accommodates eight additional drives. Four of the bays offer from exposure, so you can easily add a CD-ROM and tape drive. The unit's EISA expansion bus offers three 16-bit and two 32-bit available slots: a VL-Bus slot is also unoccupied. System RAM expands to 128MB, which is more than adequate for memory-intensive Windows applications. Only tower case systems were considered for this category.

"To quality for Most Expandable considerations, a 32-bit system had to have four or more available adapter slots, at least three available drive bays, a 200-W or greater poser supply, and the capacity or a least 64MB of system memory. The Netserver from Xi Computers exceeded all these specifications while producing Window results that were 90 percent faster than the baseline Compaq Deskpro 4/33i."

The Xi 466 EVL Netserver received the highest score in BYTE's Unix Benchmarks. (2.50)