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@Xi® Computer Corporation, established in 1987, specializes in system integration of High Performance Workstations, Network Servers and Cluster Computers.  @Xi® has earned numerous awards for excellence in the industry and it is constantly on the cutting edge of performance and value. We currently sport one of the most advanced peripheral selections with a extensive line of Nvidia® Video Cards
The NVIDIA® QuadroTM FX series of professional solutions delivers the fastest application performance and the highest quality workstation graphics. 

Raw performance and quality are only the beginning -- NVIDIA® Quadro FX takes the leading computer-aided design (CAD) and digital content creation (DCC) applications to a new level of interactivity by enabling unprecedented capabilities in programmability and precision. Available now on all @Xi Workstations!

NVIDIA® QuadroTM FX Features -- Benefits -- Specifications

Available now on all @Xi Workstations!

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