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@XiŽ Computer Corporation, as an AMD Opteron™ Launch Partner, is proud to lead this technological revolution of powerful and innovative 64Bit Workstations, Servers and Clusters based on the 64Bit AMD Opteron Processor. The Opteron brings new unsurpassed levels of performance to the computing arena. The revolutionary multi-way HyperTransport, 1MB Cache, independent interleave memory banks per processor, 64Bit architecture, yet x86 compatible, are only the beginning of an incredible technological achievement. Top level performance for the most demanding Computational, Networking & CAD applications from @Xi Computer, now! 

We are proud to offer a compete line of 64Bit AMD Opteron™ based clusters & servers from 1U to full size pedestal based on the AMD 8111™ HyperTransport chipset, as well a revolutionary 64Bit AMD Opteron™ based workstation line using the NVIDIAŽ nForce™ 3 Professional chipset.   

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64Bit AMD Opteron™ 1U Cluster Blade 
64Bit AMD Opteron™ 2U/3U/4U/Pedestal Small Server
64Bit AMD Opteron™ 4U/Pedestal Large Server

64Bit AMD Opteron™ Workstation


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