Xi MTower MP

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AMD® Athlon MP Based 

Xi® MTower MP  

Available now with the new AMD Athlon MP 2800+ QuantiSpeedarchitecture with 512KB L2 cache, featuring AMD-760™ MPX Chipset dual processor capability. The MTower MP provides new levels of performance and flexibility for today's most intensive applications.  @Xi is now offering an industry first of 4GB ECC Registered DDR RAM for the MTower MP. The Xi MTower MP is a powerful workstation designed for Computer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Animation, Software Development, and Financial Market Analysis. 


Base price: $1,599.00  
Full selection of Rack Mount Aluminum Blades

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Now Available to: 
2800+ & 4GB DDR RAM!
The ultimate Workstation Performance!

Up to:  
2800+ QuantiSpeed™
AMD Athlon™ MPX  

Now Available With Microsoft® Windows XP

TO 4GB DDR ECC RAM!trans.gif (43 bytes)

Base features at a glance:
  AMD 2000+ Athlon™ MP upg.able to 2800+ 
  128KB L1 2-WAY Associative, 256KB L2 Cache
  266MHz FSB AMD 760 MPX Chipset
  512MB DDR exp. to 4GB with ECC Reg. (Tyan MB)
  ATA RAID & 10/100 Nic on board, 2 x FrontUSB 2.0
  Full tower or 2U/3U/4U Rack Mount Blade Option 
  Upgradeable to 2 x 2800+ AMD Athlon™ MP 
  40GB ATA, 15" Monitor, Windows & Linux support

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Intel 667MHz PentiumIII Processor
  AMD Athlon™ MP 2000+ with QuantiSpeed™, Dual Capable
trans.gif (43 bytes)Two Socket-462 Upgr. to 2800+ QuantiSpeed™ CPU  (2.133GHz)
512MB PC2100 ECC Registered  RAM exp to 3GB, 4 PC2100DIMM Banks ECC 
trans.gif (43 bytes)
266MHz FSB AMD 760 MPX, 128KB L1 2-WAY Associative, 256/512KB L2 Cache 
trans.gif (43 bytes)Phoenix Flash BIOS: IPMI, PnP 1.0a, DMI 2.0, WfM1.1a 
 20GB HD 7200RPM 9.5ms Ultra ATA100
2x U-ATA100 on board,  5PCI 64Bit Slots,1AGP-PRO 
nVidia TNT2 32MB RAM 3D Video Board AGP, 1.44MB, 3 1/2"  Floppy Drive
15" Opti. Viewsonic Monitor .28dp Flat Square TubePnP 1024x768NI
2 Serial 16550  1 EPP/ECP Parallel Port  2 USB (2.0 with MPX) Pin Conn.
1 Logitech "2+Wheel" PS/2 Mouse w/Xi Mouse Pad
104 key  standard Internet keyboard
New TOOL FREE Xi Mid-Tower w/10 bays, 6 exposed
450W UL P.S. ATX, Ball Bearing Fan HeatSink CPU, Front Fan (3 Total)
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 17" x 7.5" x 19.5" 
1.44MB Floppy drive
(optional 2 x 3C0M 35920 10/100 on mother board included with first SCSI HD) 
Optional Microsoft® Windows® 2000 PRO CD-ROM w/manuals & registration card
trans.gif (43 bytes)
Or standard Red Hat® Linux 9  CD ROM w/manuals
System shown with optional equipment

System shown with optional equipment, including but not limited to: Upgraded case, Speakers, Ergonomic Keyboard, Upgraded Mouse, Zip Drive, CD-RW etc. Check your actual order configuration.

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