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Turn here for updates on @Xi's newest technology, offers, services, and news. The updates are in chronological order, from newest to oldest.

November 17th, 2008
Intel® Core® i7 “Nehalem”

The Intel® Core® i7 new processors are available on our Xi® MTower™ desktop series, both workstation and gamer edition. This new group of processors is a solid step forward in performance and capabilities. A real quad core on a die, 751 million transistors, eight execution threads (revamping the hyper-thread technology), 8MB L3 cache, up to 6.4GT/s QuickPath™ (replacing the old FSB concept), sophisticated power management, turbo-boost and on chip triple channel memory controller, make this new Intel Core i7 series the most innovative and powerful processor on the market today. @Xi® as an Intel® launch partner for this great product we are offering two motherboards capable of Crossfire™ and double/triple SLI™ with unsurpassed level of customization for the most demanding users. Configure yours now!


October 20th, 2008
Nvidia® Quadro® CX & CUDA

@Xi® Computer, as one of the top Nvidia® Quadro® supporter, we are proud to be part of the introduction to this revolutionary new line of Nvidia Video cards using CUDATM (Compute Unified Device Architecture) technology. The new Quadro® CX, with 1.5GB of video memory and countless sophisticated features, directly aimed at DCC, takes fully advantage of CUDA and allows new specific computational and graphic routines to be written and executed by the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) at a much faster speed than the hosting CPU. Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS4 & Adobe® After Effects® CS4 are among the first application to take full advantage of CUDA, with a huge performance improvement. CUDA virtually works on all Nvidia video cards and can take advantage of multiple GPU installed on the same system. More info here


Silent Air Cooled Over-Clocking

More than a year ago we started offering quieter but more powerful system solutions, with the adoption of CPU water-cooling technology. The main goal was to improve the thermal convection of the stock CPU heat-sink, while reducing the amount of noise generated by the speedy cooling fan. We just improved this concept with a new revolutionary line of air-cooled heat-sinks from Cooler-Master®, adopting an massive amount of fin surface and using a vertical, quiet 12cm fan. This new technology combines the quietness of the water-cooled approach, still allowing a good amount of heat extraction by keeping the air-flow from font to back of the case. It also has an even better thermal conveyance, compared to the early water-cooling systems and an intrinsically maintenance-free reliability.  With this improved technology and Intel newest 45nm CPU, we are currently offering an outstanding 4.50 GHz Intel® Core®2 Duo E8600, or a Quad core QX9770 at 3.60GHz, delivering unsurpassed performance at a great price!  


Triple SLITM on Xi® MTowerTM HAF

With the advent of faster and more powerful CPUs and video card, the need for adequate case ventilation has been quite a challenge. Our effort had paid off with the newest offering of our Xi® MTowerTM HAF model. Dubbed by Cooler-Master® HAF (Headquarters Air Force), this new full tower case has the best ventilation design available on the market, while maintaining a very quiet noise signature. Equipped with three huge, but extremely quiet, 23cm fan plus one 14cm back fan, this innovative case offers the adequate amount of cooling to reliably support a Triple SLITM configuration with power hungry video cards like the Nvidia® GeForce® 9800GTX+, combined with both single and dual processor multi-cores CPU and high speed RAM.  Select your new fastest system ever, right here!

February 14th, 2007


Is Microsoft® Vista™ really a new thing? Despite some initial skepticism and critics, of course it is new and innovative, especially for the 64-bit version. It will simply take time to assimilate and perfect for productive use. What that means in plain words? Most of your old applications will not run on Vista. For example, AutoCAD® versions prior to 2007 will, most likely, never receive a patch or update to run on Vista. ACAD 2007 and 2007/LT will (possibly soon) get a patch only for Vista 32-bit. The 2008 Versions will run on both Vista 32 and 64-Bit, all flavors from Home to Ultimate. Expect the same behavior for other old CAD and Game packages you already own. If you really like to get Vista now, we do recommend the 64-Bit versions. In the 32-bit Vista versions, the memory limitation of the old XP to 3GB (yes, even if you have 4GB) is still there. With the 64-Bit version you can address beyond 4GB to the max RAM offering of our multiprocessor Opteron™ and Xeon® processors (32GB+), to solve some of the memory swapping problems of XP and improve performance dramatically. The time to upgrade is now!


Silent Water Cooled Cases and OverClocking

As you know @Xi® we strive for performance as well reliability. For years powerful computer workstations have not been quiet to operate. With the continuous increasing in clock speed, RAM and Hard Drive capacity, the amount of energy dissipated by is constantly raising and with it, the associated heat and noise. Recently we teamed up with one of the most advanced computer case manufacturer (Thermaltake™) to provide you with state-of-the-art air and water-cooling technology. Our line of MTower™ workstations offers now, new revolutionary solutions, like grid-mesh front panels and quiet 12cm fans. To further enhance the thermal operational parameters of the CPU, we are now offering a factory sealed Water Cooling silent solution. While eliminating the noise generated by traditional CPU Heat-Sink fans, it allows reliable faster clock operation, beyond standard manufacturer air-cooling specifications. This is particularly true for our MTower™ equipped with the Intel® Core® 2 Duo and the EVGA® Nvidia® 680i Chipset motherboards. 3.20GHz for the QX6700, is just an example. Check them out!

December 18th, 2006.
4x4 AMD Quad FX!

AMD® is countering the Intel® Quad-Core with a dual processor capable motherboard ASUS® L1N64, sporting 4 PCIe at 16x for the ultimate SLI performance and un-buffered DDR2 800MHz RAM among other goodies. The new FX-70, FX72 and FX-74 come at 2.6, 2.8 & 3GHz clock speed with a performance above the Opteron™ 2220 at basically almost half the price. Even though preliminary benchmarks still show the Intel holding the absolute performance crown, this AMD solution has few advantages of its own. Among them are a competitive price for the low-end clock and scalability to a second dual core CPU at a later time, while the multithread software is catching up. At the FX-72 level, with 2 CPU installed, the amount of power/heat to dissipate is quite substantial and the price advantage is a bit diminished by the extra cooling required. We teamed up with Thermaltake™ with a Dual Channel Air Guide case, the Armor™ Extreme, to keep both processors cool and assure future scalability to higher speed and 8 cores in 2007. In Stock Now!


November 14th, 2006.

Quad-Core Intel® Revolution!

With today’s announcement of the availability of the newest and most revolutionary Quad-Core CPU, Intel® sets a new industry-first record, and an extremely remarkable technological achievement. 4 Cores, each one with its separate CPU and FPU, sharing a dynamically allocated, whopping 8MB L2 Cache, are powering both the Core2 Duo®, single processor, and XEON® dual processor. This makes for a total availability of 8 CPU cores on a single motherboard, at a very aggressive price and unsurpassed performance/price ratio. @Xi® Computer we are offering a complete line of these new CPU, both in single and dual processor motherboards with configurations for Graphic Workstations, HPC Clusters and Network Servers. As you probably already know from our CADalyst award winning, Xi MTowerTM PCIe, and from other independent benchmark, Intel is now leading the performance war with AMD® on absolute power per CPU as well the Performance/price ratio. Get your power selection now!


November 1st, 2006

The only HR Workstation!

Award winning performance is not unusual here at Xi® Computer. The November issue of CADalyst magazine delivered the prestigious  *Highly Recommended* award for our Intel® based Core2 Duo® Extreme edition, Xi MTower PCIe, the only one of the review roundup! Our system, not only performed faster than the other (correctly clocked) platforms, but showed the current Intel superiority in the absolute workstation performance vs. is AMD® rival. @Xi commitment to excellence and platform independence in the Workstation and HPC arena, is once more time demonstrated by this great achievement. Get *your* award winning system!


July 3rd 2006

@Xi® TOP TIER 2006 Workstation!

Our MTower 64TM SLI AMD® Athlon based workstation has been rated by CADalyst magazine as the only TOP TIER All Stars workstation for the year 2006.  This great achievement underlines the ongoing Xi Computer tradition for delivering the best performing and most reliable computer workstations for the CAD industry. We recently improved our line with quieter cases and power supplies, while continuing to increase the performance to new levels with the completely new line of AMD Socket AM2 sporting DDR2 800 and 1000MHz and nVIDIA® Quadro® FX 1500, FX 3500 and FX 5500 graphics. All in stock now! 


January 10th, 2006
@Xi® The Fastest & Best Buy Dual Core in the "World"!

December and January, we hold the #1 position of Best Buy and fastest system score in PC-WORLD with our Xi® MTowerTM 64 AGE-SLI, with the AthlonTM Dual Core 4800+ (2.4GHz) gives us the #1 spot with the MTower AGE-SLI.

FX60, Dual Core AthlonTM in Stock!

AMD® announced today the availability of its fastest to date Dual Core processor the Athlon FX60, clocked at 2.6GHz, reaffirming his position as un-contrasted technology leader of 64CPU in single and dual core flavor. The new FX60 bears no direct comparison with an Intel® counterpart, that's why it has been classified in the FX series.  As we receive this question so many times, here it goes again: a Dual Core is a single chip containing two CPU with it's own independent cache sharing the memory controller that interfaces with the outer world. The FX60 allows dual CPU power on a single processor motherboard at a lever never seen before at such a price. Gaming, graphics and CAD will all benefit from this new technological break trough. As a newly proudly appointed member of the elite "platinum" AMD recognition, and FX60 Launch partner we are proud to offer the new FX60 in stock at a unbeatable price!

June 21st, 2005
@Xi® The Fastest Workstation!

We do not have to change the title, dejavu again and again. While our competitors tried to follow with the same configuration (Intel® based) of the previous review, we gave them a new lesson in the art of system integration. Our Xi® MTower
TM 64SLI, with the AthlonTM FX55 (2.6GHz) and NVIDIA®  NForceTM 4 SLI chipset motherboard,  QuadroTM FX4400 PCIe got the fastest result on CADalyst June 2005 Workstations Roundup review. CADalyst give us the fastest record-breaking score with our  Xi® MTower 2P64 Workstation  dual processor Opteron based. Quite an impressive result, a dual CPU system is finally outperforming the fastest single processors. Well, of course @Xi Computer is the workstation leader! Any doubts?  OK, PC-WORLD gives us the #1 spot with the MTower AGE-SLI, still same FX55 and same chipset, with an NVIDA FX6800 Ultra, over 10% faster than the second best... we are good! More confirmations? CATIA community just did it's annual workstation roundup. Guess who got 5 stars and the fastest system performance? You can read it here, requires a free registration.

 FX57, Dual Core AthlonTM & OpteronTM
AMD® announced today the availability of its fastest to date processor the Athlon FX57, clocked at 2.8GHz, consolidating his position with the most powerful single core CPU. That's just the beginning, we are just shipping the first Dual Core 4400, 4800 Athlon
TM and the 270, 275 and 875 OpteronTM. Confusing? A Dual Core is a single chip containing two CPU with it's own independent cache sharing the memory controller that interfaces with the outer world. The 4400 and 4800 allows dual CPU power on a single processor motherboard, a new level of affordability for a workstation. The 270 and 275, being utilized on a dual processor board, give you 4 (four) CPUs total.  If  you have a multithread application that will take advantage, or multiple applications competing for power, this it the answer. Ultimately the 875 is a Dual Core CPU that installed in our quad motherboard allows you 8 CPU total. Never such power has been so affordable, dense and reliable.  The NVIDIA® GeForce 7800GTX and the Intel® Pentium® D, Dual Core are among the other new offerings.  They are all shipping now!

December 10th, 2004

@Xi®  The Fastest Workstation!

One more time again, our Xi® MTowerTM SP got the fastest result of all CADalyst November 2004 Workstations Roundup review. This achievement is quite significant in several aspects: 1) The fastest result using a 3.60GHz CPU clock speed vs. the second competitor using a 3.80 GHz (costing much more), with a virtually identical configuration, shows the @Xi technological superiority in the workstation arena. Our systems are not prepackaged overseas, but custom built, tested and configured here in our labs in California, with superior quality control and customization, delivering a clear performance advantage. 2) When comparing the price/performance ratio @Xi is the #1 workstation leader. 3) PCI-ExpressTM with DDR2 are the clear winners even against more performing video boards in the "old" AGP 8x, paving the way for a "must have" new upgrade path.

Read the CADalyst article and get your Fastest @Xi Workstation here.    


AMD AthlonTM 64 PCIe & SLITM!

You can buy today the newest AMD AthlonTM 64 3500/3800/4000 and FX55 using the newest and most revolutionary PCI-ExpressTM interface. But there is more: using the ASUS A8N-SLI motherboard, based on the NVIDIA® NForce® 4 chipset, our Xi MTower Athlon has 2 PCIe interfaces with SLI capability. Not only you can have 4 monitors driven at high speed with Direct X and Open-GL, you can use two video board to almost double the graphic performance of your workstation. Preliminary results in our labs give the AMD Athlon 4000+ simply using one PCIe Quadro® FX3400, ahead of our last month Intel® based award winning system. Imagine when we could pair two PCIe video boards to boast the overall graphic performance! The fastest just got faster! Get yours today.



October 26th, 2004

PCI-Express SLI!

After careful testing we have validated PCI-Express based systems both single and dual processor based on the Intel® Pentium 4 and XEON processors. Intel has been the promoter of this new graphic interface that is initially capable of twice the bandwidth of the AGP 8X "old" interface to 4Gbyte/sec. In addition to a higher bandwidth, the PCI-Express interface allows easy scalability with 2 PCI-E interfaces on the same motherboard. The advantages are multiples: Better graphic performance, balanced 3D performance with 4 screens configuration and the ability to use Multiple Graphics Units (GPU) for a single screen presentation. Nvidia® is the leader in this concept with the introduction of the SLI (Scalable Link Interface) concept offering unsurpassed performance, by using multiple Graphic Processors resident on multiple graphics cards. At present we offer a XEON based Xi® MTower DPX with SLI dual PCI-Express technology with dual Nvidia® Quadro FX 1300 and 3400. Single processor PCI-E technology is coupled with DDR2 533MHz (over-clock-able to 600MHz) in our Xi® 3600 MTower SP Pentium 4 3.6GHz. May it be next fastest workstation?


4000+ & FX55 Athlon!

While Nvidia® and VIA® are both working to deliver a new PCI-E graphic interface for the AMD Athlon and Opteron platforms, AMD is busy upping the raw CPU performance speed. On the single processor front we just introduced the Athlon 64 4000+ (supposedly equivalent to a Pentium 4 at 4GHz) and an Athlon 64 FX55 clocked 200MHz faster at 2.6GHz bringing the CPU computational power to a new absolute high level. Both parts, besides the name, sports a dual memory interleave controller and 1MB L2 Cache. Buy yours from stock today!



Quad Opteron Server

By strong request from our most demanding customers, we are now offering the Quad CPU configuration for the AMD Opteron processor, both in the 24bays Xi® NetRAIDer case with redundant power supply and in the Xi® BladeRAIDer 1U configurations. Offering scalability to 32GB of DDR 333MHz Reg. ECC RAM and 4 x AMD Opteron 250 CPU with over 6 Tera-Byte of storage capacity for the NetRAIDer, record computational density in the XI® 1U BladeRAIDer. Both Available now!


Better, faster, more powerful and … more quiet!

In a constant race to deliver our customers the fastest and more powerful line of computer workstations, both single, dual and quad processors, we recently implemented quite remarkable improvements to our lines.  Most of the adopted power supplies have thermo controlled fan to reduce noise and higher power offering are available as a standard or upgrade options to satisfy heavily populated configurations with multiple drives, power hungry video boards and CPUs. A new Xi® MTower DP case is now being adopted for the dual processors XEON and Opteron configurations to allow more expansion slots, better ventilation and reduced amount of noise. Intrusion-alarm, filtered front fans and fully locked panels .are among other features of the new case. Check them out!



September 8th, 2003

Xi MTower 64 is the fastest CAD system with 64Bit Opteron™. 
Since 1992 we achieved this mark numerous times, but it is so nice to get it one more time, setting the performance bar much higher in the CAD Workstation arena. Our client will also appreciate that this time we give back the honor to an AMD Opteron™ 64Bit processor. CADalyst magazine. September 2003 issue, is publishing an exclusive first look test in his labs, by contributing editor Ron LaFon, showing our MTower™ 64 breaking all CADalyst Benchmarks index to date. Ron is quoting: “The @Xi MTower 64 embodies what we’ve come to expect from @Xi—a speedy, economical, well-built, state-of-the-art system that offers top-flight performance and new technology at a reasonable price”.  What else we have to say? Buy your next workstation from @Xi and make it a 64Bit!

April 22nd 2003 
64Bit AMD Opteron™ is here!
@Xi® Computer Corporation, as an AMD Opteron™ Launch Partner, is proud to lead this technological revolution of powerful and innovative 64Bit Workstations, Servers and Clusters based on the 64Bit AMD Opteron Processor. The Opteron brings new unsurpassed levels of performance to the computing arena. The revolutionary multi-way HyperTransport, 1MB Cache, independent interleave memory banks per processor, 64Bit architecture, yet x86 compatible, are only the beginning of an incredible technological achievement. At launch time, perfecting our “Art of System Integration” and, one more time, demonstrating our technological Excellence, our Xi® BladeRAIDer™ 64 tested by AMD Zone, rated the fastest on most of the test, while some competitors could not even finish some (see the above graph from AMD Zone where our Xi Dual Opteron 244 and Xi Dual Xeon® are both surpassing the competition). @Xi Computer, we deliver the fastest 64Bit on the market, and we give you the best price! Get your first 64Bit computer today! 

“Memory bandwidth is where the Opteron should excel and here the XI box certainly does, but strangely the other two fall behind. The Athlon MP shows its memory bandwidth weakness in this test.” – Chris Tom, AMD Zone, 04-22-03.

December 6th, 2002 

® The Fastest CAD Workstation!
Did you hear it before? @Xi® Computer just got more recognition as The Fastest CAD Workstation by December 2002 CADalyst magazine, with the Xi 4286 MTower, equipped with the Intel® Pentium4 2.80GHz and the newest Nvidia® Quadro4 980 with AGP 8X. The Xi MTower stands way above of all the CAD competitors. Still a Best Buy and fastest on PC-WORLD too, we are really setting the standard on Desktop and Workstation performance! Now with the 3.06GHz Hyper Thread technology, even faster

@Xi® gets 5 stars from PC-MAG
Did you notice we bundle some “free”’ software with our workstations and desktops units? It is “free” but you have just to say “yes, I want it” selecting it at time of order. Most would think, because it is free that is almost worthless. Think again! PC Magazine rates our @Xi free software bundles a 5 stars saying: - “Music: () The Xi system is one of the few to include MusicMatch Jukebox, which handles MP3 and WMA ripping and burning with ease. - Music: () Again, PlayCenter impresses us.- Photos: () Three photo-editing applications come with the system: Ability Photopaint Studio, Riptide Photo Studio, and Ulead Photo Express 4.0, which, while not a powerhouse, has the greatest number of features. Overall, photo editing is quite easy, and two USB ports are located on the front panel.” –PC Magazine, Nov. 6th, 2002.— This year we are also bettering our PC-Works Suite with the new Millennium Edition, including Lotus Suite, Quicken, McAfee, Open Office, with great compatibility and interoperability with MS-Word, Excel and even PowerPoint, plus a lot more!  And if you like games… here we go!

November 18th, 2002
3.06GHz Intel® P4 HT & Xeon
@ 533FSB AGP-8X!
Intel® is leading on the single processor clock speed and again the dual workstation class race with a Pentium® 4 @ 3.06GHz with Hyper Threading technology, and a new Xeon™ processor with a 2.80GHz with 533FSB. The Xi® 4036 MTower™ SP, has just been rated by C-NET as the fastest business computer as we can see in the following chart. The Xi® 5600 MTower™ DP, now is available at 533FSB with the newest AGP-8X and up to 12GB DDR PC2100 RAM. More power than before!

Application performance  (Longer bars indicate better performance)

BAPCo SysMark2002 Rating


SysMark2002 Internet Content Creation Rating


SysMark2002 Office Productivity Rating


Xi 4036 MTower Premiere (3.06GHz Intel P4, 533MHz RDRAM)

Gateway 700XL (3.06GHz Intel P4, 533MHz RDRAM)
Falcon Northwest Mach V (3.06GHz Intel P4, 533MHz RDRAM)
Dell Dimension 8250 (3.06GHz Intel P4, 533MHz RDRAM)
ABS Awesome 3600 (2.8GHz Intel P4, 533MHz RDRAM)

To measure application performance, CNET Labs uses BAPCo's SysMark2002, an industry-standard benchmark. Using off-the-shelf applications, SysMark measures a desktop's performance using office-productivity applications (such as Microsoft Office and McAfee VirusScan) and Internet-content-creation applications (such as Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver). ---Review CNET 
©1995-2002 CNET, Inc. CNET Review All rights reserved.


September 12th, 2002

2.80GHz Intel® P4 & Xeon + Xeon MP Quad!
Intel® is doing it again leading the single processor clock speed and remarkably the dual workstation class race with a Pentium® 4 and Xeon™ processor with a 2.80GHz part available now. The Xi® 4280 MTower™ SP, and the Xi® 5600 MTower™ DP, are the fastest CAD workstations, only @Xi Computer Corporation. More to the powerful workstations and servers we just introduced a Quad (FOUR) processor XEON™ MP with a remarkable iL3 Cache up to 1GB. That is, 4 CPUs with up to 4 GB on Level 3 cache and 1GB of Level 2 cache combined. The quad Xeon™ configuration is available as a 4U Rack mount or on our big NetRAIDer™ server case with 21 bays and up to 32GB or DDR RAM. Power to the max!


August 21st, 2002

AMD® breaks the 2GHz!

August 21st, 2002- AMD® breaks the 2GHz clock speed barrier, celebrating the third anniversary of the award-winning AMD Athlon™ processor and announcing the world's highest-performing processor for desktop PCs, the AMD Athlon XP processor 2600+ (clocked at 2.13 GHz).  (& 2400+ clocked at 2 GHz) Our Xi® MTower™ has already been tested by AMD Zone, as an absolute first with this processor, and compared to the Intel Flagship 2.53GHz with RAMBUS® 1066MHz.  The results show AMD is taking back the lead of the price/performance CPU war and Xi is giving you a full choice of superior platforms to go with it. Buy yours today!


Nvidia® Quadro™ 4  & Xi®, the workstation leaders!

 @Xi® has been selling Nvidia® professional video boards for a while and is now ranked the major tier-2 workstation manufacturer in the US, by Cadence Magazine. There is no better price/ performance leader than @Xi Computer, with its line  of  Dual processors Intel® XEON™  based and AMD Athlon™  MP based MTower™ workstations, using the Quadro™  4 Nvidia video boards. Check our product section for your most powerful workstation ever!

May 6th, 2002
2.53GHz Intel® P4, 533MHz FSB, 1066MHz RDRAM or DDR333 with Nvidia® Quadro™ 4

In the race for the fastest workstation we just introduced a remarkable configuration based on the top clock speed from Intel® and the 3D professional, Quadro™ 4 video board from Nvidia®. 533MHz Front System Bus is now the highest available with 2.53GHz top clock speed. To top it off our configuration is available now with the fastest 1066MHz RAMBUS®  or DDR 333MHz PC2700 on the market. The Xi® 4253 MTower™ SP, with Intel Pentium® 4 @ 2.53GHz, DDR 333MHz or RAMBUS 1066MHz and the  Nvidia® Quadro™ 4 900XGL, is the newest and fastest CAD workstations, only @Xi Computer Corporation. Check it out! 

2.40GHz Intel® XEON™, with Nvidia® Quadro™ 4
One processor is not enough? Intel® is on the attack mode rising the clock bar speed for the dual processor too. The Xi® 4800 MTower™ DP, with two Intel XEON™ @ 2.4GHz, RAMBUS 800MHz, and the new 900XGL Nvidia® Quadro™ 4, is the ultimate dual processor CAD workstations, only @Xi Computer Corporation. Super price here!

March 13, 2002

AMD Athlon™ MP 2000+, XP 2100+ , DDR333 & GeForce™ 4 are all here!
March 13 2002 -The newest MTower DP Workstation line and NetRAIDer Server line employing the AMD Athlon MP processor at 2000+ Quantispeed technology and the AMD-760TM MPX chipset are now available. On the single processor front, the AMD Athlon 2100+ with the absolute industry first VIA Apollo KT333 Chip Set mother board sporting the fastest 333MHz DDR333 RAM is also available! A combination of higher CPU clock speed and 66MHz more on the memory bus delivers a quite remarkable performance increase at a fractional additional cost. Finally, the newest video boards based on Nvidia® GeForce™ 4  4400 and 4600 Chip Sets with 128MB DDR Video RAM are here now, an astonishing performance level never seen before! Check our product section for more info.

January 10th, 2002
Intel® Pentium® 4 @ 2.20GHz, DDR!
Intel® has done it again introducing the fastest clock speed for a microprocessor. To add more speed to it, the new Pentium® 4 has a double cache size to 512KB and finally supports the i845D Chipset with DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM. At the forefront of technology Xi Computer is offering a very fast and very cost effective 2.20GHz P4 DDR now!

AMD Athlon™ XP 2000+
The Xi® 2000+ MTower SP up to 1.667 GHz to a new higher performance level. We complement this speed demon with the newest ATA133 RAID controllers and the newest video board for your best in the relentless game for the fastest system. 

November 11th, 2001 

AMD Athlon™ XP 1900+ is here!
The Xi® 1900+ MTower SP steps up another 100MHz in the relentless game for the fastest processor (at 1.600GHz internal clock speed). Considering that PC-WORLD found our Xi 1800+ to be faster than a 2 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 processor from the competition, there is an easy answer to the question: "Which is the fastest?". While we will soon introduce a dual processor version (MP) of the 1900+, we complemented the newest Xi Mighty Tower with the nVidia® Titanium™ series, sporting 64MB DDR at 3.8ns for the Ti500. New frontier in performance today!

New Free Software Bundles!
For all our lines of Xi® MTower SP and DP workstations and PCs we now offer, at customer selection of very nice free software bundles (with computer purchase). The PC-WORK-SUITE provides all the tools necessary to be productive in an office environment including the ability to produce and read file formats compatible with other major word processors, database and spreadsheet. Many other interesting and valuable programs are included. A great value! To please another important segment of our clients we also introduced another free bundle for image editing and video processing. Great complement to the newest line of Audigy™ sound cards with included Fire Wire interface. Get your Digital Image Toolkit free with your next Xi Computer! 

October  9th, 2001
Hot New AMD® 1800+ Athlon™ XP with Quantispeed™ is here!
Xi Computer Corporation is announcing immediate availability of the Xi 1800+ MTower SP. The Xi 1800+ is based on the newest and fastest AMD single processor Athlon XP (code named “Palomino”) processor, with a Quantispeed architecture of 1800+ (i.e. 1.533GHz internal clock speed), and some extra advanced instruction sets. The new “Quantispeed” architecture is aimed to work exceptionally well with the more powerful computational capability of the "Palomino" core, it is designed to equal or exceed the performance of the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, that is currently available up to 2.0GHz. From our internal lab tests we found that the Quantispeed estimate of 1.8GHz par, is very conservative. Our Xi 1.533GHz Athlon XP based system, coupled with the newest VIA KT266A DDR Motherboard, is much faster than a 1.8GHz P4 and comes with a new Xi "Mighty Tower" case with front USB ports… We have them in stock now!

October  9th, 2001
4.0GB DDR RAM for the AMD® Athlon MP Dual Processor!
@Xi Computer, always committed to the high end dual processor workstation and server market, is delivering with immediate
availability, up to 4GB (4096MB) of 266MHz DDR ECC Registered RAM for the AMD Athlon MP Dual Processor line. Unsurpassed price/performance levels can be achieved for power hungry users with this huge amount of DDR RAM.
This mark another industry first by Xi Computer in the dual processor arena. Here today!

October  9th, 2001
Dual Processor Intel® 2.0GHz Xeon™ "Foster"
Intel® still holds the highest CPU clock speed record, also in the Dual Processor. The Xi MTower DP Xeon our fastest RAMBUS® based Xeon™ "Foster" system is now available at 2.0GHz. A full 4GHz dual processor capable is Here now!

June 6th, 2001

Newest and fastest AMD® Athlon™ CPU at 1.4GHz is in STOCK for prompt delivery from Xi Computer. The 1400MHz or 1.4GHz Xi® MTower™ is the top AMD available now, fastest than ever! With a 266MHz Front side bus and full support of DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM, the new AMD processor represents the TOP in microprocessor performance. Xi Computer offers the 1.4GHz Athlon both for its Workstation class systems as well for its NetRAIDer™ servers line based on the AMD Processors. Buy it now from Xi! 

JUNE 5, 2001 
AMD Athlon™
MP Dual Processor DDR is here!
@Xi Computer Corp. today announced the MTower DP Workstation line and NetRAIDer Server line which employ the new AMD Athlon MP processor and the AMD-760™ MP multiprocessing chipset. The Xi MTower DP is a dual processor high-end workstations for CAD and Computational intensive tasks. The Xi NetRAIDer is a high-end line of Network Servers supporting both the Microsoft and Linux platforms.

Xi Computer is validating a tradition of over 15 years of workstation excellence; with the support of AMD's new line of AMD Athlon MP processors. AMD's revolutionary dual processor Smart MP technology, with 266MHz point to point FSB architecture, is proving to be the winning solution for multithread CAD and number crunching applications. With strong workstation experience in all major CAD applications; Xi Computer is able to assure top level of compatibility and performance using the new AMD Athlon MP in the dual processor configuration." Xi MTower DP & Xi NetRAIDer with dual AMD Athlon MP processors are available for immediate delivery. Buy yours today!

June 4th, 2001
PRICE SAVINGS: More efficiency!

In this time of increasing costs we introduced a better shipping service from Federal Express using ground carrier. The service is capable of a good quality material handling and expedited deliverance even to the east coast. You can now get your Xi system in New Jersey for less that $ 55.00 shipping. And Xi does not charge sales taxes outside California. Due to the high rate of repeated loyal customers, and after a careful analysis of the cost of gaining a new customer versus retaining an old one, we decided to increase the repeated customer discount to 3%. Loyalty pays off!

May 25, 2001 
Dual Processor Intel® Xeon™ “Foster”  1.7GHz  now available!

As an industry first we are introducing the most powerful workstation class system to date. The Intel® Xeon™ “Foster” processor, featuring the new Intel® NetBurst™ microarchitecture, boosts the power workstation to new unsurpassed levels.  Our Xi 3400X MTower DP sports up to 4GB or (4,096MB) RDRAM® dual channel interleave 800MHz RAMBUS®. With it’s dual 400MHz system bus, the Xi 3400X is aimed toward highly intensive computational task’s for the most demanding clients. With revolutionary new features like:  Hyper-Pipelined Technology, Execution Trace Cache, Rapid Execution Engine, Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2), Advanced Dynamic Execution, Double Precision Floating Point , there is nothing more powerful  than the new Xeon™.  In the fine Xi tradition you can select yours in a Mid-Tower, Full-Tower or
Rack mount configuration.  Get yours today from Xi!

May 7th 2001
Several of our high-end customers are eagerly looking for more than 768MB DDR or 1.5GB SDRAM. While for DDR RAM we still are waiting the availability of the 512MB modules to break the barrier of 768MB for AMD® and 1GB for Intel®, the good news is that 2GB RAM is a reality on the Intel front. We have been shipping 2GB PC133 SDRAM on our Intel based MTower DPD for quite a while (1GB PC2100 DDR) but, quite remarkably, 2GB 800MHz RAMBUS® RDRAM is now shipping for P4 and Dual Pentium III. If you need all the RAM you can get, for your demanding computational tasks, you can buy it right now from Xi!

April 26th, 2001
Nvidia® GeForce 3 is finally here!

We are proud to announce availability of the latest Nvidia based video board. The Nvidia GeForce 3. Coming with 64MB of DDR, TV-OUT and DVI interfaces, it will blow away every previous video gaming board on the market. Both the AMD® 1.333GHz and Intel® 1.7GHz CPUs are taking advantage of this great new video board, for the ultimate game PC or fastest CAD workstation. Check out our lowest prices ever in our product section. 

Summertime Price War!

A fundamental change is shaping the PC industry: Intel® is seriously challenged by AMD® and both companies lower the CPU chip prices to “Potatoes chip” levels. Who will benefit from this? Our customers will, of course. RAM of every kind is following suite with DDR approaching SDRAM prices and RAMBUS® not that far away but still at a good double dollar per MB.  The time to buy a new PC is now!

April 13th, 2001

Great News On The Intel Front:
Pentium® 4  1.7GHz -- The FASTEST Clock speed ever, is available now on our FASTEST CAD workstation Xi MTower SP. Intel would like your business and just reduced prices on the P4 at an incredible level. Check it out in our product section now!

March 22nd, 2001

FASTEST EVER: 1.333GHz AMD Athlon!

Surprise announcement for the newest and fastest AMD® Athlon™ CPU. The 1,333MHz or 1.333GHz Xi® MTower™ is the top AMD available today for immediate delivery. With a 266MHz Front side bus and full support of DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM, the new AMD processor is the uncontested king of the hill in microprocessor performance. Xi Computer is proud to offer the 1.333GHz Athlon to all his power hungry customers, both for its workstation class systems as well for its newly introduced NetRAIDer™ servers line based on the AMD Processor.  Unsurpassed performance and cost effectiveness is the major strength of Xi and it is perfectly matched with the AMD Processors line. Contrary to the early delivery issue of the 1.2GHz at 266FSB, the faster counterpart at 1.333GHz is ready from stock. Bring home today the fastest PC & Workstation on the planet, form Xi Computer!

March 9th, 2001 

In search for the fastest PC!

Things change and things remain the same. Recently C-NET addressed the issue of the "Fastest PC". Who has the fastest PC? Well Xi Computer of course beating hands down all the biggest manufacturer in the world. The Xi DDR MTower SP based on the newest AMD Athlon 1.2GHz with 266FSB (Front Side Bus) with 266MHz DDR RAM, beats all the Intel P4 and other a like. See the chart for yourself. 

DDR & 2GB SDRAM for Intel
As of late one of the major problems of Intel architectures is that it has been limited in RAM expandability (512MB) or use expensive RAMBUS. We are now proud to have solved this issue with the offering of an industry first DDR Single Processor and Dual Processor system for the Intel Pentium III, raising the limit of RAM expandability to and 2GB of DDR & SDRAM for the Dual Processor PIII (1GB for the SP). Performance is also much enhanced with DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM at a fraction of RAMBUS cost.

Rack Mount anyone?
We finalize a great line of Rack Mount case options for our entire line of workstations and Network Servers. Both in a 3U & 4U form factor and a choice of Black or Gold color and single and redundant power supply. Front lock, filtered and protected access, with an elegant and professional look, distinguishes this new line of Xi Rack Mount line. On the server front the 4U rack mount option offers the capability of passive back plane with 4 Hot swappable drives to over 280GB U-SCSI-160 of space. A space saver 1U unit based on the dual Pentium III and Server works chipsets motherboards is also available at a very aggressive price. 

December 10th, 2000
Our Xi® MTower SP equipped with the newest Pentium® 4 from Intel® Corporation is now available for immediate shipping, at clock speeds of 1.4 & 1.5GHz.

This announcement is of great importance if we consider we are talking of 1500MHz clock. The highest clock speed ever achieved for a microprocessor based computer CPU. Because the system is targeted for power users and professional CAD, we decided to take a no compromise approach and offer this P4 with only the maximum current clock speed available for the RAMBUS® RAM, i.e. : 800MHz (some competitors offer a slower/cheaper 600MHz option that we consider not to be a cost effective solution). Our no compromise approach, is giving this new Xi 440/450 MTower SP superior workstation class
performance for the high-end professional power user!

October 30th, 2000
The hot new Xi MTower SP workstations, equipped with the AMD 761 Chip Set Mother Boards, are now available for sale on our site. The most important innovative aspect of this new line is the adoption of DDR PC2100 Double Data SDRAM @ 266MHz Front Side Bus. Considerable performance increase is expected from this new architecture with minimal price differential against PC133 SDRAM and great price advantage against RAMBUS technology. Other interesting features of the DDR equipped Xi systems, are the availability of ATA 100 Hard Drive interface and expandability to 2GB of RAM. With a ATA 100 RAID controller option and 1.2GHz AMD Athlon T-Bird at 266MHz FSB, the Xi MTower will dominate the high end workstation market scene. Order yours today!"

October 16th, 2000
1200 MHz AMD now Shipping!
1.0, 1,1 and now…. The 1.2GHz AMD Athlon CPU is available for immediate order on our award winning line of Xi MTowers! The Fastest ever, the AMD CPU clock speed is taking Intel by surprise. We have also introduced some other very interesting features in the AMD based MTowers, like, multiple drive availability with an ATA 100 RAID controller. Speed and disk space to spare at new and incredibly low prices.

2000 MHz Intel Dual Processor is here!
On the Intel front, even if they are lagging behind in terms of absolute clock speed, we are able to deliver a dual processor based Pentium III with both CPU's running at 1GHz clock speed (2.0GHz combined clock speed). With the new lower price of RAMBUS at 800MHz and Ultra SCSI-3 160 at 15000 RPM, this newest Xi MTower DP makes it a great contender in the high end 3D workstation market.

The ultimate 3D Video board for CAD NT & 2000 PRO workstation class, is finally shipping. With 64MB Video RAM and an almost double performance increase, from the already super powerful FIRE GL-1. Our line of Xi MTower workstations is taking the lead in 3D graphic's performance.

September 27th, 2000

" Xi's MTower SP targets hard-core gamers with double-barreled, 3D performance. For you power-crazed players... this speed demon is " the bomb." The 1.1-GHz MTower turned a whopping 118 frames per second (fps) in our Quake III benchmark; to help put this number into context, Quake III runs fine at 60 fps."
---Review CNET  

August 14th , 2000

1.1GHz AMD Athlon is here!
By August 28th 2000 we will be able to deliver Xi Systems equipped with the fastest ever processor speed... in the history of the microprocessor.  As of today we are taking orders on the web and the price is set very low, both for the 1.1GHz 
as well for the 1GHz AMD Athlon.

The introduction of the AMD Athlon 1.1GHz with Enhanced Cache, at such an aggressive price, is a very strong statement of power, deliverance and value by AMD.  Major industry standard benchmarks set our AMD Athlon based, Xi 1100K MTower SP at the absolute top of CAD, Graphical and Gaming workstation performance!  This is an ongoing tradition for Xi Computer.

August 1st, 2000

Next generation AMD Athlon™ “Thunderbird” to 1GHz!

Performance is the #1 priority here at Xi, and we deliver it big time with our new Xi K1000 MTower SP! 

We are currently delivering from stock, the new AMD Athlon, featuring advanced Socket A, “Thunderbird” technology for CPU speeds above 750MHz up to 1GHz! 

These new AMD Athlon CPU’s are using the latest 256KB “Enhanced Cache Technology”, on the die at full speed, as opposed to the “old” 512KB external L2 cache CPUs. 

The new "T-Bird" achieves an extraordinary performance increase of up to 30%, over the same clock speed of the external 512KB L2 cache of the Athlon “Classic” .  We offer  these new Socket A  CPUs  with the newest class of VIA based chipset motherboards featuring 133MHz SDRAM expandability to 1.5GB.  Less heat, and noise (one only CPU fan is required), are among other improved qualities of the new T-Bird based Xi systems.

RAMBUS on Intel based Xi MTower DP for the multithread AutoCAD 2000i !

With the arrival of the latest 800MHz RAMBUS technology at a very reasonable price, we saw the opportunity to offer the Intel based 840Chipset with RAMBUS in the Dual Processor configuration. The price/performance ratio is now quite favorable for these new DP based workstation class systems. 

AutoCAD’s New 2000i can now take advantage of the Xi’s hot new DP systems, as it is finally supporting dual processor multithreading. Greater performance is achieved utilizing both processors even in a single AutoCAD session. The band width of RAMBUS is now at the equivalent of 1600MHz using dual channel technology on the motherboard . 

Over all the new Xi 1866 MTower DP series (dual 933MHz Pentium III based) will top the performance chart for serious 3D and GIS applications.

New generation AMD Duron™ to 700MHz !

The introduction the cost effective Duron™, also utilizing the advanced “Socket A” design, adds to the AMD CPU family. 

This inexpensive Duron™ CPU is targeted to the business and high end home segment of the market. The Duron™ is a fantastic performer for the money. Still using an L1 cache two way associative of 128KB, it has a 64KB L2 multiple way associative (The Athlon™ has a 256KB of L2), on the chip die at full speed. 

This cache architecture, while saving a lot of die space and therefore, very cost effective, delivers a very good performance level for interactive computational use, like business and light graphics. (The 256KB L2 of the Athlon™ differentiates the performance, in the number crunching use). 

Available at 600/650/700MHz increments it roughly matches the Intel Pentium III's clock speed, for a fraction of the cost.

March 6th, 2000

-AMD reaches industry landmark; announces 1GHz (1,000 MHz) AMD Athlon™ processor-
-First commercially available systems are being offered now @ Xi Computer Corp-

AMD today reached a computer industry milestone, announcing commencement of shipments of 1GHz AMD Athlon™ processors. The first commercially available systems based on the 1GHz AMD Athlon processor are now available 
@Xi Computer Corp.  

The pioneering spirit that invigorates the computer industry is exemplified again today, as AMD breaks the 1GHz frequency barrier. By announcing the Xi MTowerSP Athlon  with support  for the 1GHz AMD Athlon processor, we continue to enhance Xi's image as an undisputed technology leader in the consumer PC environment. With AMD focusing attention on the high-end commercial workstation market, Xi Computer is looking forward to a stellar year 2000.  Xi Computer's customer base includes engineering, architectural, and government end users.  And the company has enjoyed success in these market segments, due in part to the powerful performance of the AMD Athlon TM processor. “Xi Computer has been at the top of AutoCad  workstation performance since 1992, and the superior architecture of the AMD Athlon processor is a must to keep our performance edge in today’s workstation market,"

February 28th, 2000
Five Stars Highly Recommended, from CADalyst magazine 
Xi just got another CAD recognition award, using the new Single Processor 820 Intel “Camino” chipset motherboard sporting 133MHz internal BUS. The Xi 733 MTower SP got the best price/performance score in all 3D combined CADalyst tests including, AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max & ViewPerf (Open GL). While still using PC133 SDRAM vs. more expensive & less expandable RAMBUS, the Xi 733 scored close to the absolute top costing thousand of $$$ less. We also just introduced the newest dual Processor Capable Xi MTower DP133. Pure Workstation Class Power: up to 4GB dual channel interleave PC133 SDRAM, new AGP PRO 64 bit, 64Bit PCI 66MHz, super fast on board Ultra SCSI-3 160MB/sec. interface, with estimated performance gain from the SP133 version of up to 50%. We cite the Register.co.uk as: "In news from another internal Intel document, we learn that SDRAM is a good thing. A white paper Intel issued on the 840 says that the 82804 SDRAM based MRH can give bandwidth equal to RAMBUS." In staying away from RAMBUS we already knew this.

More Recognition for the Athlon...

January / February Awards
CNET February Editors Choice 850MHz Xi MTower Athlon
Xi's 850-MHz Dream Machines - It's hard to find fault with Xi Computer's 850-MHz MTower, it promises blazing performance, and it delivers. Though its business-application speed was incredible, this system's game performance blew us away. The Hercules 3D Prophet graphics card, featuring Nvidia's GeForce 256 chip and 32MB of high-end DDR memory, helped the Xi deliver an absolutely amazing 70.5 frames per second (fps) in Quake III at 1,024 by 768 pixels with 32-bit color. That's almost 10 fps faster than Xi's Editors' Choice-winning 800-MHz MTower.

CNET February Editor Choice 800MHz Xi MTower
If you want the best-performing home PC you can get, this is it. Its high-quality, name-brand internals make it a gamer's dream machine. Beyond the fast CPU clock speed, this PC separates itself from the pack of high-end systems with 32MB of DDR RAM on its Nvidia GeForce-based graphics card, giving it the fastest benchmark scores we've seen. All components that are consistently cited as "the best" can be found in Xi's MTower. There are no trade-offs with this system: its CPU, DVD drive, and sound and graphics cards make this a techno dream machine. Of course, with all these high-end components those who will get the most out of this machine are gamers. 
©1995-2000 CNET, Inc. CNET Review All rights reserved.

Cadence January 2000
The Xi 700MHz Workstation performed significantly better than any other system besting the fastest score on the SolidWorks 98 Plus benchmark The Dell Precision 410 with an Intense3D Wildcat graphics card came in at 2.54, while the Xi system turned in a score of 2.73 with a 3DLabs Oxygen GVX1, and costs several thousand less. It also achieved a score of 171 seconds on our CADMARK 2D AutoCAD test, besting the top score of 228 seconds in last month's Pentium III workstation review.

January 17th, 2000

AMD Arrives in the Workstation Market, at the TOP!

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 17, 2000--

Microprocessor Report Names AMD Athlon Processor `Best PC Processor'; AMD Athlon processor and
systems based on it have earned 35 awards worldwide.

The AMD Athlon(TM) processor began the Year 2000 winning a prestigious award from one of the microprocessor industry's leading technical publications. MicroDesign Resources, publisher of the Microprocessor Report, announced today that the AMD Athlon processor beat out the Intel Pentium III(R) Coppermine and the Motorola PowerPC G4 to win the publication's first ever Analyst's Choice Award for Best PC Processor.

With 35 awards in hand since the product was launched in August 1999, the AMD Athlon processor is also the first AMD microprocessor to win multiple awards as a top-performing workstation processor. 

"The AMD Athlon processor continues to gain acceptance from computer manufacturers, businesses and end-users, as well as the trade press and analysts who cover the industry," said Larry Hollatz, group vice president of the Computation Products Group at AMD. "We are grateful to MicroDesign Resources for recognizing the AMD Athlon processors superior engineering design and performance. These awards come from a variety of publications around the globe, testifying to the AMD Athlon processor's worldwide appeal." 

The Analyst's Choice Awards recognize excellence in microprocessor technology innovation, design and implementation, and are chosen by Microprocessor Report's team of respected, independent analysts. The Microprocessor Report is published by MicroDesign Resources, based in Sunnyvale, California. 

In addition to the MicroDesign Resources award, the AMD Athlon processor also received a PC Magazine 1999 Technical Excellence Award in November at Comdex for Best Component in the hardware category, as well as nearly 35 other awards.

San Francisco, CA----Jan. 3rd, 2000--The AMD Athlon(TM) processor earned...

Key CADENCE Magazine recognition as the most powerful CPU in the AutoCAD and 
SOLID Works workstation market.

An Xi 700K MTower SP equipped with a 700MHz AMD Athlon CPU bested the fastest score of SolidWorks 98Plus Bench 
& AutoCAD test.

“Xi Computer has been at the top of the AutoCAD workstation performance since 1992, the superior architecture of the AMD Athlon CPU is a must to keep our performance edge in today’s workstation market.”- @Xi Computer Corp. 

“The Dell (DELL) Precision 410 with an Intense 3D Wildcat graphics card came in at 2.54, while the Xi system turned a score of 2.73 with a 3D Labs (TDDD) OXYGEN GVX1, and costs several thousands less” -- said Peter Sheerin, Technical Editor of CADENCE. “It (the Xi) achieved a score of 171 seconds on our CADMARK 2D AutoCAD test, besting the top score of 228 seconds in last month’s Pentium III workstation review, showing that very little compromise must be made when selecting and AMD (AMD) processor over a genuine Intel (INTC) Chip”.

For The In-Depth Review from Cadence…

Xi's Athlon 750 MTower turned in phenomenally fast application scores-- in CNET Labs' tests.

Someday--and at the rate things are going, it may not be long--most home computers will ship with all the features 
currently loaded into the newest Xi MTower. From the super fast 750-MHz Athlon CPU to the DVD-ROM drive to the 
Logitech MouseMan, this PC comes equipped with all the right stuff.

©1995-2000 CNET, Inc. CNET Review All rights reserved.

piiixeon.jpg (19347 bytes)November 25
th, 1999

Now taking orders for the New 750MHzD Athlon CPU


November 1st, 1999
5star-new.jpg (23747 bytes)
Xi Computer Corp., steals away the first place cup from the competition yet again. Not only was Xi Computer by far the best in the price performance ratio, it "produced top scores for our review in every category". Click here to read the full review.



October 26th, 1999
piiixeon.jpg (19347 bytes)700MHz AMD Athlon is here; Xi 650K MTower is the fastest AutoCAD workstation (one more time)!
We are shipping the newest 700MHz AMD Athlon, and the November issue of CADalyst just gave the award for the FASTEST AutoCAD Workstation to our Xi 650K MTower SP, with 5 star rating. In this review we used the AMD Athlon 650MHz and an equally configured Intel 600MHz Pentium III processor for direct comparison. The Xi 650K (AMD CPU) was, up to, almost 50% faster… than the fastest Intel based (IBM & Xi too!), and more than 15% faster than its closest Athlon-equipped competitor. Xi has been rated the best price & best performance of the all systems CADalyst reviewed and it features a great new Tool Free Xi MTower Case. What’s new? Xi is the uncontested leader of the CAD System market! And those of you who ask the most important question: “How much faster is the AMD compared to the Intel?” we can answer that (based on the CAD benchmark) at same clock speed the AMD is overall around 10% faster. Now the lead is in favor of AMD considering clock speed, price & deliverance, taking into account that Intel just announced the 733MHz with 133MHz BUS, while AMD is now delivering the 700MHz and talking about 750Mhz soon. Stay tuned for more details on the review, new Intel products and the exciting new “war of the CPU clock”. Of course you can always get the latest and fastest technology from Xi Computer Corporation, the CAD workstation leader!

August 28th, 1999
piiixeon.jpg (19347 bytes)
For many years Xi has been a sole supporter of the Intel Architecture. After careful research, Xi’s R&D Lab  is pleased  to endorse the AMD Athlon platform. There are some very unique features that make the AMD Athlon the fastest available processor to date. So… by "popular demand" and educated choice, Xi is glad to offer the AMD Athlon to you, with our tradition of top performance and reliability. Our New Xi Athlon MTower SP comes in four different clock speed: 500, 550, 600,   & 650MHz with a 200MHz Front-end Processor BUS (CPU to Chipset), 128K L1 two way associative Cache and 512K L2 Cache. It supports the newest Ultra ATA-66 Adaptec EIDE interface and has the New enhanced 3D NOW instruction-set specifically designed for graphics & 3D applications. Our Xi Athlon MTower SP is built with our new line of Tool Free Cases (no screwdriver needed to open) which supports 7 bays and comes with a 250W Power Supply. In keeping with Xi Computer’s tradition for unsurpassed speed, we are offering it with the fastest PC 100 MHz SDRAM. 
trans.gif (43 bytes)
How fast it is? Well, the 600 & 650 are both faster than the Intel 600MHz systems with comparable configurations at a very attractive price. 
Configure and order your Xi Athlon MTower SP now!

August 15th, 1999
piiixeon.jpg (19347 bytes)
600 MHz Pentium III
processors are now available in both single and dual processor configurations! For the ultimate in speed put 1200 MHz worth of Pentium III power under the hood of your Xi MTower DP system.

August 15th, 1999
The Xi MTower 600 received the highest marks in the overall score for a PC Workstation in National Standards Testing Laboratory's testing of the Xi MTower for Business Week Online. (read review)businessweek.gif (2571 bytes) It received a 24.9 overall score, the highest in the review, with the average being 15.2. The overall score takes into account many factors, including usability, features, and performance. It also received the highest performance score of 4.3, nearly double the average of 2.2.

The Xi NetRAIDer is "first place in overall performance" in the PC World review of more than half a dozen Pentium III Xeon servers. (read review). "Xi placed first in the SQL test", "but it reallypcworld.gif (1356 bytes) distinguished itself in the File Service test, beating out its nearest competitor by more than 20 percent." The choice is clear, for the ultimate server, in performance, reliability, "good security", and "plenty of room to upgrade". The Xi NetRAIDer is the only way to go.

August 1st, 1999
Xi Computer's MTower workstation turned in the fastest 3D Studio 3dsmax.gif (2142 bytes)Max scores, edging out the nearest competition by 16% in tests conducted by Cadalyst magazine. (read review). The choice is clear: for ultimate 3D performance the Xi MTower stands out as the clear winner, both in performance and price.

June 1st, 1999
Continuing Xi Computer's early adopted Linux support, we have announced the addition of two optional factory installed software packages. The first, KDE (K Desktop Environment), is a logotp3.gif (3026 bytes)superbly versatile graphical user environment for Linux. Take a look at some screen shots and learn about some of its features by clicking the link above. The second, Redhat Secure Webserver, based on Apache. It is an excellent solution for e-commerce and other mission critical web servers.

May 15th, 1999
Three new graphics card are poised to push the Xi Computer CAD workstations to the next level. The new Diamond Fire GL1 card, 3d.jpg (12558 bytes)with a 256 bit (an industry first), multi-threaded, IBM graphics subsystem. 3DLabs' Oxygen GVX1 and VX1, featuring the 3DLabs Glint R3 graphics processor. Both include build in support for the Pentium III processor instruction set, increasing speed ever further on Pentium III systems. The Matrox Millenium G400 has excellent 2D/3D performance for  a low price tag.

April 15th, 1999
The Intel Pentium III 600 MHz & Intel Pentium III Xeon 550 MHz is now ready to be shipped with servers andpiiixeon.jpg (19347 bytes) workstations. For your top of the line performance needs, look no further than the Pentium III Xeon line of processors. With the Katmai enhanced multimedia extensions of the Pentium III and the larger, full CPU speed cache of the Xeon, this processor is the ultimate for servers and workstations alike.

March 1st, 1999
If you'd rather have the Linux operating system instead of a linux-penguin.gif (3613 bytes)Microsoft® Windows® operating system, Xi Computer Corp has made it easier than ever. We are the first to offer Red Hat Linux in lieu of Windows upon request with new machines. Linux's popularity is sky rocketing, and Xi has taken the initiative to provide this powerful, open source, freeware operating system with new machines. So go ahead, dare to be different.

February 15th, 1999
Pentium III 600 MHz NOW Available.  Intel is in the process of releasing its Pentium III processor, featuring the new Katmai enhanced MMX instruction set. piii.jpg (19878 bytes)This includes enhanced 3D capability, and a bigger L1 cache (64K). Xi does have limited production quantity for those of you that need the fastest CAD speed NOW! The Fastest is getting Faster! The Pentium III Processor is available with the Xi MTower dual processor capable system and the Xi MTower single processor only systems.